Goals and Mission

The mission of the CENC is to fill the gaps in knowledge about the basic science of mTBI (also termed concussion or mild TBI), determine its effects on late-life outcomes and neurodegeneration, identify Service members most susceptible to these effects, and identify the most effective treatment strategies. The CENC is a multi-center collaboration linking premier basic science, translational, and clinical neuroscience researchers from the DoD, VA, academic universities, and private research institutes to effectively address the scientific, diagnostic, and therapeutic ramifications of mTBI and its long-term effects.

The CENC serves as the comprehensive research network for DoD and VA that focuses on the long-term effects of combat-related and military-relevant TBI. The CENC is designed to conduct research that provides clinically relevant answers and interventions for current Service members and Veterans and to develop long-term solutions to the chronic effects of TBI. The CENC consortium is identifying and characterizing the anatomic, molecular, and physiological mechanisms of chronic injury from TBI and potential neurodegeneration, investigating the relationship of comorbidities (psychological, neurological, sensory, motor, pain, cognitive, neuroendocrine) of trauma and combat exposure to TBI with neurodegeneration, and assessing the efficacy of existing and novel treatment and rehabilitation strategies for chronic effects and neurodegeneration following TBI.

CENC members come from military/VA medical centers and hospitals, research universities, academic medical centers and medical schools, and private research institutions across the United States, along with a coordinating center composed of a research university, a private not-for-profit research institute, and a military medical and nursing school. CENC members work together to develop and perform research studies related to Service members and Veterans exposed to combat during their OEF/OIF/OND tours of duty.  In this way, studies can be done more quickly than if the individual medical centers were working alone.

This website is one way to let the public know the results of the studies.  CENC study results may be found in the CENC's publications. Whether you are a Service member or Veteran who has experienced one or more mTBIs -- or have a relative or friend who has -- we want you to have the best and most up-to-date information when you need it most.