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Barnes DE, Byers AL, Gardner RC, Seal KH, Boscardin WJ, Yaffe K. Association of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury With and Without Loss of Consciousness With Dementia in US Military Veterans JAMA Neurol. 2018 May; (): . PubMed: 29801145 View

Bigler ED. Default mode network, connectivity, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic amnesia. Brain : a journal of neurology. 2016 12; 139(Pt 12): 3054-3057. PubMed: 27913404 View

Bigler ED. Systems Biology, Neuroimaging, Neuropsychology, Neuroconnectivity and Traumatic Brain Injury. Frontiers in systems neuroscience. 2016 ; 10(): . PubMed: 27555810 PubMed Central: PMC4977319 View

Cifu DX, Dixon KJ. Chronic effects of neurotrauma consortium. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1397-1398. PubMed: 27834543 View

Davenport ND, Lamberty GJ, Nelson NW, Lim KO, Armstrong MT, Sponheim SR. PTSD confounds detection of compromised cerebral white matter integrity in military veterans reporting a history of mild traumatic brain injury. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1491-1500. PubMed: 27834537 View Stats

Ferguson S, Mouzon B, Lynch C, Lungmus C, Morin A, Crynen G, Carper B, Bieler G, Mufson EJ, Stewart W, Mullan M, Crawford F. Negative Impact of Female Sex on Outcomes from Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in hTau Mice Is Age Dependent: A Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium Study Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. 2017 Dec; 9(416): . View

Gardner RC, Burke JF, Nettiksimmons J, Goldman S, Tanner CM, Yaffe K. Traumatic brain injury in later life increases risk for Parkinson disease. Annals of neurology. 2015 Jun; 77(6): 987-95. PubMed: 25726936 PubMed Central: PMC4447556 View Stats

Gardner RC, Byers AL, Barnes DE, Li Y, Boscardin WJ, Yaffe K. Mild TBI and Risk of Parkinson Disease: A Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium Study Neurology. 2018 May; 90(20): . PubMed: 29669907 View

Gattu R, Akin FW, Cacace AT, Hall CD, Murnane OD, Haacke EM. Vestibular, balance, microvascular and white matter neuroimaging characteristics of blast injuries and mild traumatic brain injury: Four case reports. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1501-1514. PubMed: 27834534 View

Jaramillo CA, Eapen BC, McGeary CA, McGeary DD, Robinson J, Amuan M, Pugh MJ. A cohort study examining headaches among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars: Associations with traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and depression. Headache. 2016 Mar; 56(3): 528-39. PubMed: 26688427 View Stats

Jurick SM, Bangen KJ, Evangelista ND, Sanderson-Cimino M, Delano-Wood L, Jak AJ. Advanced neuroimaging to quantify myelin in vivo: Application to mild TBI. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1452-1457. PubMed: 27834545 View

Lejbman N, Olivera A, Heinzelmann M, Feng R, Yun S, Kim HS, Gill J. Active duty service members who sustain a traumatic brain injury have chronically elevated peripheral concentrations of Aβ40 and lower ratios of Aβ42/40. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1436-1441. PubMed: 27834544 PubMed Central: PMC5152557 View

Lynch CE, Crynen G, Ferguson S, Mouzon B, Paris D, Ojo J, Leary P, Crawford F, Bachmeier C. Chronic cerebrovascular abnormalities in a mouse model of repetitive mild traumatic brain injury. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1414-1427. PubMed: 27834539 View

Mufson EJ, Perez SE, Nadeem M, Mahady L, Kanaan NM, Abrahamson EE, Ikonomovic MD, Crawford F, Alvarez V, Stein T, McKee AC. Progression of tau pathology within cholinergic nucleus basalis neurons in chronic traumatic encephalopathy: A chronic effects of neurotrauma consortium study. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1399-1413. PubMed: 27834536 PubMed Central: PMC5348250 View

Mufson EJ, He B, Ginsberg S, Carper B, Bieler G, Crawford F, Alverez V, Huber B, Stein T, McKee AC, Perez SE. Gene Profiling of Nucleus Basalis Tau Containing Neurons in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: A Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium Study. J Neurotrauma. 2018 Jan; (): . PubMed: 29338612 View

Nelson JT, Swan AA, Swiger B, Packer M, Pugh MJ. Hearing testing in the U.S. Department of Defense: Potential impact on Veterans Affairs hearing loss disability awards Hear. Res.. 2017 Jun; 349(): 13-20. PubMed: 27768901 View

Ojo JO, Mouzon B, Algamal M, Leary P, Lynch C, Abdullah L, Evans J, Mullan M, Bachmeier C, Stewart W, Crawford F. Chronic Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Results in Reduced Cerebral Blood Flow, Axonal Injury, Gliosis, and Increased T-Tau and Tau Oligomers. Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology. 2016 07; 75(7): 636-55. PubMed: 27251042 PubMed Central: PMC4913432 View Stats

Olivera A, Lejbman N, Jeromin A, French LM, Kim HS, Cashion A, Mysliwiec V, Diaz-Arrastia R, Gill J. Peripheral Total Tau in Military Personnel Who Sustain Traumatic Brain Injuries During Deployment. JAMA neurology. 2015 Oct; 72(10): 1109-16. PubMed: 26237304 View Stats

Peltz CB, Gardner RC, Kenney K, Diaz-Arrastia R, Kramer JH, Yaffe K. Neurobehavioral Characteristics of Older Veterans With Remote Traumatic Brain Injury. The Journal of head trauma rehabilitation. 2017 Jan/Feb; 32(1): E8-E15. PubMed: 27323220 PubMed Central: PMC5164874 View Stats

Pugh MJ, Finley EP, Wang CP, Copeland LA, Jaramillo CA, Swan AA, Elnitsky CA, Leykum LK, Mortensen EM, Eapen BA, Noel PH, Pugh JA, TRACC Research Team b Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.. A retrospective cohort study of comorbidity trajectories associated with traumatic brain injury in veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1481-1490. PubMed: 27834535 View Stats

Reid MW, Hannemann NP, York GE, Ritter JL, Kini JA, Lewis JD, Sherman PM, Velez CS, Drennon AM, Bolzenius JD, Tate DF. Comparing Two Processing Pipelines to Measure Subcortical and Cortical Volumes in Patients with and without Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Journal of neuroimaging : official journal of the American Society of Neuroimaging. 2017 07; 27(4): 365-371. PubMed: 28194831 View

Ritter AC, Wagner AK, Fabio A, Pugh MJ, Walker WC, Szaflarski JP, Zafonte RD, Brown AW, Hammond FM, Bushnik T, John-son-Greene D, Shea T, Krellman JW, Rosenthal JA, Dreer LE. Incidence and risk factors of posttraumatic seizures following traumatic brain injury: A Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Study Epilepsia. 2016 Dec; 57(12): 1968-1977. PubMed: 27739577 View

Seal KH, Bertenthal D, Barnes DE, Byers AL, Strigo I, Yaffe K, Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium Study Group. Association of Traumatic Brain Injury with Chronic Pain in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: Impact of Comorbid Mental Health Conditions. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation. 2017 08; (): . PubMed: 28455190 View

Seal KH, Bertenthal D, Samuelson K, Maguen S, Kumar S, Vasterling JJ. Association between mild traumatic brain injury and mental health problems and self-reported cognitive dysfunction in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. Journal of rehabilitation research and development. 2016 ; 53(2): 185-98. PubMed: 27148692 View Stats

Stone JR, Wilde EA, Taylor BA, Tate DF, Levin H, Bigler ED, Scheibel RS, Newsome MR, Mayer AR, Abildskov T, Black GM, Lennon MJ, York GE, Agarwal R, DeVillasante J, Ritter JL, Walker PB, Ahlers ST, Tustison NJ. Supervised learning technique for the automated identification of white matter hyperintensities in traumatic brain injury. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1458-1468. PubMed: 27834541 View

Swan AA, Nelson JT, Swiger B, Jaramillo CA, Eapen BC, Packer M, Pugh MJ. Prevalence of hearing loss and tinnitus in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: A Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium study. Hearing research. 2017 06; 349(): . PubMed: 28153668 View

Tate DF, Gusman M, Kini J, Reid M, Velez CS, Drennon AM, Cooper DB, Kennedy JE, Bowles AO, Bigler ED, Lewis JD, Ritter J, York GE. Susceptibility Weighted Imaging and White Matter Abnormality Findings in Service Members With Persistent Cognitive Symptoms Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Military medicine. 2017 03; 182(3): e1651-e1658. PubMed: 28290939 View

Tate DF, Wade BS, Velez CS, Drennon AM, Bolzenius J, Gutman BA, Thompson PM, Lewis JD, Wilde EA, Bigler ED, Shenton ME, Ritter JL, York GE. Volumetric and shape analyses of subcortical structures in United States service members with mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of neurology. 2016 Oct; 263(10): 2065-79. PubMed: 27435967 View

Tate DF, Bolzenius JD, Velez CS, Wilde EA, Bouix S, Jaramillo CA, Lewis JD, Weisend M. Assessing the Structural and Functional Effects of Neuromodulation Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology and Innovation. 2016 May; 18(1): 39-50. View

Tzekov R, Phifer J, Myers A, Mouzon B, Crawford F. Inflammatory changes in optic nerve after closed-head repeated traumatic brain injury: Preliminary study. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1428-1435. PubMed: 27834542 View

Uchendu US, Omalu BI, Cifu DX, Egede LE. Repeated Concussions: Time to Spur Action Among Vulnerable Veterans. American journal of public health. 2016 Aug; 106(8): 1366-8. PubMed: 27310350 PubMed Central: PMC4940675 View

Walker WC, Carne W, Franke LM, Nolen T, Dikmen SD, Cifu DX, Wilson K, Belanger HG, Williams R. The Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) multi-centre observational study: Description of study and characteristics of early participants. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1469-1480. PubMed: 27834538 View

Wares JR, Hoke KW, Walker W, Franke LM, Cifu DX, Carne W, Ford-Smith C. Characterizing effects of mild traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder on balance impairments in blast-exposed servicemembers and Veterans using computerized posturography. Journal of rehabilitation research and development. 2015 ; 52(5): 591-603. PubMed: 26437003 View Stats

Wilde EA, Bigler ED, Huff T, Wang H, Black GM, Christensen ZP, Goodrich-Hunsaker N, Petrie JA, Abildskov T, Taylor BA, Stone JR, Tustison NJ, Newsome MR, Levin HS, Chu ZD, York GE, Tate DF. Quantitative structural neuroimaging of mild traumatic brain injury in the Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC): Comparison of volumetric data within and across scanners. Brain injury. 2016 ; 30(12): 1442-1451. PubMed: 27834540 View

Wilde EA, Bouix S, Tate DF, Lin AP, Newsome MR, Taylor BA, Stone JR, Montier J, Gandy SE, Biekman B, Shenton ME, York G. Advanced neuroimaging applied to veterans and service personnel with traumatic brain injury: state of the art and potential benefits. Brain imaging and behavior. 2015 Sep; 9(3): 367-402. PubMed: 26350144 View Stats

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