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Welcome to the CENC website

The Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) is a coordinated, multicenter collaboration linking basic science, translational, and clinical neuroscience researchers from the VA, military, and academia to effectively address the long-term effects of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and its diagnosis and treatment.

The Consortium brings together a nationwide group of researchers who have extensive track records of internal and external collaborations, demonstrated productivity in knowledge translation and dissemination, and the proven ability to recruit and follow up with research subjects.

To achieve our vision and mission, the CENC was designed with the following features:

  • We have created a centralized organization that includes a dedicated Coordinating Center directed by senior academic TBI leaders of VA and DoD;
  • We link major VA TBI/polytrauma centers with leading academic research universities and DoD centers, including Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Centers and military treatment facilities;
  • Our leadership has extensive, long-term track records of collaborative TBI research;
  • We have access to large military/VA relevant research subject populations; and
  • We sponsor innovative and intersecting research projects that are designed to change practice in the near term and lay the groundwork for subsequent investigation.

Goals of the CENC

The chronic effects from mild TBIs (concussions), whether single or repeated, on chronic disabling symptoms, on recovery from combat and trauma-related comorbidities, and on long-term brain functioning in veterans and service members are not known.

The overarching goals of the CENC are:

  • To examine the critical issues related to the identification and characterization of the anatomic, molecular, and physiological mechanisms of chronic brain injury and potential neurodegeneration;
  • To investigate the relationship of comorbidities of trauma and combat exposure to mild TBI and neurodegeneration;
  • To assess the efficacy of existing and novel treatment strategies for chronic TBI effects and neurodegeneration.

The CENC will conduct a series of research studies designed to directly address these goals. Current studies in development include a longitudinal cohort study to identify and assess the long-term effects of mild TBI in active duty and veteran service members with a history of OEF/OIF/OND deployment and combat exposure and a basic-science animal study to determine the effects of a mild TBI on the production of Tau protein.

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